My programming journey actually traces back to my childhood. I dived into it with the C programming language when I was still a child. I spent about a year trying to learn C, and I was somewhat successful. As time passed, I realized the need to learn new things, so I began learning Python. My initial projects involved creating simple games using Python's "Pygame" library. Later on, I learned JavaScript for website and mobile application development, and then React Native. After this 3-4 year process, I started to see myself as competent and took on my first freelance projects. Working with real clients, I had to develop my skills in project structure, Git, and Github, among other areas. Now, the child trying to learn C at the age of 12 has transformed into a full-stack developer who has been developing websites, cross-platform mobile applications, and REST APIs using Html, Css, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express, Fastify, React Native, Python, and many other technologies for 7 years. If you want to be part of my journey, work with me, or ask me questions, feel free to reach out.

I have developed numerous websites, mobile applications, and REST APIs. You can explore the projects I have developed and contributed to by clicking here.

Throughout my time freelancing, I've met many new people and helped them bring their dream projects to life. You can click here to see my reviews and freelancer profile.